Fraud or business?

Sometimes i am afraid that everybody will discover the fraud that i am. To many mistakes, not enough attention. With all the screw ups i make it's a wonder nobody as ever said anything out loud. And this is what makes me question myself whenever i begin to think about doing/creating something. This is why i never wanted to invest more in photography or blogging about all the beautiful things that the world has to offer or some other alternative form of independent creating living. I allways saw myself inside an organization as part of something but never the one to create it, to develop it and to believe that it would thrive. At least not while i lived in Portugal. Now i have an idea, something i like and know that i am good at, even with all the doubts that come rushing to my mind, it doesn't wither. It is staying with me and i am beginning to cherish it more everytime i think about it. And then i inevitably make another screw up...but this time i can't let my lack of trust in myself control my life. I no longer have that luxury. I need to do something else with my life and starting a business even with a long stretch to go, might be just what i need.

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