You have hurt me more than i thought possible. Maybe it is just bruised ego or the words of a scorned woman, but i can't wish you well. I don't think i wish harm either but i am hurt and angry with you and so...not wishing you happiness is the first bitchy thing i have ever allowed me to do. It isn't something i do often and you know it, i allways reason with myself. But not this time. I miss our all day and all night conversations, i miss you in my bed, our baths together and our walks through the city. Funny thing is i allways said that this would happen if i ever fell in love with someone else, you thought we would still be friends. I didn't know i was already in love with you and then you fell in love and i knew it, even if you weren't sure enough to tell me, I knew and it isn't funny. Probably i will wish you to be happy sometime, but it is taking me longer than i expected. For now i remain yours truly bitchy ex-affair.

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