Minds don't think alike...

My mind doesn't stop...ever. I'm having a hard time falling asleep for thinking too much. I think of the things i have to do, the things i wish i could do, i think about you, i think about the present and the past, i think about my inexistant job and about the choices that soon i will have to make, i think about the rain and the sun and the weather over all, i think about the things i did today and the ones i wanna do tomorrow, i think about the movie i saw tonight and this afternoons soundtrack, i think about all the conversations that keep me moving, i think about life and my lack of life, about the partys and the men that have no brain, i think about how just plain dumb people can be, i think of friends and sometimes of foes (don't have many of both, but they're all good at their role), i think of sex and love, of kisses and fights, i think of being better and being kind and how my patience is slowly getting to it's super high limit, i think about how everything seems to through me off balance and how sometimes i have to keep myself from drawning, i think about everything and nothing at all or simply about my very own simple life

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