by ~yr-ObSesSioN
Sometimes i wonder what am i doing with my life. Sometimes i'm happy and sometimes i´m sad. Most of the times i know the reason, others i have no clue. And then there are other times when i have no ideia of what i feel...and it becomes a hole lot of nothing and everything at the same time. I wish for things that i know i can't have, and i keep wishing them despite it all. I have achieved more in my life that i ever thought possible, but some examples in life have shown me that you can't allways have what you dream off: the dream job, the dream house, the dream boyfriend...a child...because they are most of all only dreams, possible ones...but harder to become real when other people are involved with making them happen. And then i stand alone...taking care of everyone, refusing to face the reality of my life. And when it hits...i'm utterly lost.

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