losing mind

I miss you more than i thought i would, more than i should. Is it possible that it is only the result of a cherish ideia of a feeling, uncertainly felt, or the simple comfirmation that in fact things are no longer that simple to settle after all. In the begining i thought myself strong enough and ceptic enough to not get caught in the same trap as before, even with all the butterflies that kept fluttering in my stomach each time i though of you. But i guess my arrogance got the best of me. Or maybe it's just karma, for all the love given that was quickly refused by me. Forbiden, uncorresponded, complicated and sometimes beautiful love stories are everywere. I thought i was over and done with love, guess i was wrong again...maybe now is my time to love and not be love...or maybe, and most probably i don't know what the f%$ i'm doing...and then i spend all this time with someone that, i don't even know, feels anything at all like this...i have no ideia were this is heading...f$%&

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