Seeking love? Or maybe not...

People are so diferent, all about diferent ways of life, with diferent ideas, from diferent kinds of education...in this world of diferences, how is it that two persons can find each other, male or female, friends or lovers? So what happens when they don't? Should they give up, should they settle for less than the right person? Do people get to a point when they accept something as better than nothing at all? I guess that for flirting and avoiding the feeling that they are not utterly alone, one is as good as the next...or not. So what about the people that look for love...true love and not just a companion...? It does exist you know, it's just not easy to find, but in it there is companion, and kindness, and warmth, and understanding, and admiration, and respect, and belonging...and love, the kind of love that makes you forget the world when we're in his/her arms, that makes you wish to see that person grow old at your side, the kind of love that when it is impossible to live leaves a bleeding heart that doesn't stop loving, but cannot have the love he chose...will that heart settle for less?

After all this is the blog of a dreamer...and love once real is currently only a dream.

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