Kinds of relations

Currently i have no problems about love. There isn't any such thing in my life except from my friends. They are the ones that love me beyond my faults. Love relationships however are another matter. There aren't any, at least were romance and love are envolved.

But there are relations that have nothing to do with friendship or love...they are made of simple lust. Between two people willing and earning for another's touch, company and time...to find pleasure. These are possibly the easiest ones to find...everybody is looking for something after all, but not everyone wants the same. Some want to love and be loved in return, to build a solid relation. Others just want to get physical, they don't want a lifetime of love, they only seek a few minutes of pure raw pleasure.

image: Natalia K by Maria Eriksson for Viva! Moda

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Stella Maris disse...

Some say: "The greatest thing you will ever learn is just to love and be loved in return".

Friendship love! ;)