My home style is city sophisticated...


You love the variety and bustle of city living and embrace all that modern living has to offer. Your home reflects the way we live our lives today as well as your own personal taste and individuality. It's a clean, easy look that shows off key pieces of furniture and accessories to maximum effect.

{ Living Room}

You have a comfortably contemporary living room. The danger with the 'modern look' is that it too easily falls into the realm of the bland and insipid; 'easy' gets confused with 'careless' and the result is just downright dull! Perhaps of all the rooms in our homes, the living room can be the one that most expresses your sense of style and your interests. Think, too, about how and when you will most use the room. For example, do you want it light and airy or warm and cosy? The occasional, totemic accessory -- whether it's a Noguchi table or a Jasper Morrison mirror -- certainly ticks the right boxes but can alienate visitors, if not the rest of your household. Soft neutral colours are easy to live with and easy on the eye, while glamorous prints and patterns are fun and stylish. There are few things more luxurious than a sneaky afternoon nap, dozing off in your favourite spot in the living room.


Your bedroom has that classic look that never goes out of style. Sleep is fundamentally important to our well being. In busy towns and cities, noise can often hamper a good night's sleep. Soft furnishings really do absorb sound, and touch is such an important sense in the bedroom, from crisp, linen sheets to wool or even sheepskin underfoot. Elegance and relative simplicity are keynotes in your bedroom, using cool pastel blues and greens to create a fresh but restful sense of calm.

{Dining Room}

You're a maestro of minimalism using carefully chosen ingredients. At home, 'less-is-more' simplicity appears effortlessly elegant. With so little on show, every single item comes under scrutiny, so it's important that you give time and thought to your choice of china, glass and cutlery. Try to avoid the 'designer cliche' trap, whereby every single piece has impeccable provenance: at best this looks like showing off, at worst it's sadly predictable. When it comes to entertaining, convenience is paramount.

{Home Office}

Your home office is formal and sober. Gone are the days when the home PC was the preserve of nerdy geeks. These days, most of us need a home office: a simple table and chair in one corner of the room with adjustable task lighting and adequate filing is all it takes (and may be all the space you can afford). Clean, simple lines and an absence of clutter suit the home office very well - but don't neglect to introduce an element of your own personality to the space, even if it's nothing more than a favourite photograph in an elegant frame.


Your home is modern and quietly confident: just like you!
Já sei o estilo, só falta a casa. Podem descobrir o estilo para a vossa casa aqui, um teste que descobri a partir do {This is Glamorous}, um blog quanto a mim mesmo muito glam!

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