The search for love...

Everybody feels lonely and is looking, if not constantly, for a relationship. Everybody also got out hurt from a previous experience, but yet they spend most of their time trying to repeat or enter another one of those, always with the increasing expectation of improvement. Even when they succed, despite all the love, despite all the warmth and cudeling, there are those times when it doesn't seem to be worth it.

So why do we spend our time looking for something that will eventually hurt us so much? Is it just to have someone to share moments, times of lonelyness that just need a good pair of arms around to scare off all fears? The idea of it all seams a bit dark sideded. Why should anyone seek out to find a way to suffer?

Yes, these are the thoughts of a doubtfull soul, and yes, i guess even i am caught up by this need to find someone, but when did it became absolutely fundamental to our sanity and survival? "Probably since the beginning of time", would be the right answer. I guess i just realized it today!

The irony of it all increases my fear to seak a relation, but even so the thought of being alone for all eternity is even scarier. We are all constantly looking for a happy and healthy relation in order to get a happy life. But, at the remote possibility of getting it, does this garanties our true happy days? Who invented love or pain? And why can't they exist apart from each other? Why do they have to be in a relationship and we can't?

Meet the most enduring couple in history: Mrs. Love and Mr. Pain!!!!

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