Lovers heart...

The beauty of lovers fades with the rise of day light
Lives come between feelings and wishes
You wish for night’s shadows and the warmth of my skin
I wish for your heart and soul of the daylight
Were will we ever find a solid ground?

I need a mirror in the eyes of a stranger
To see myself like no other…to see my virtues and flaws
You might not see me but there is no sense to continue this longer than needed since you live in the night and I live in the daylight

You’re surrounded by silence in that great world of yours
If only you could see me for myself
If only you could find me in your heart
You don’t know what your future holds and still you afraid of it
The years go by your front door even if you don’t invite them in…they remain as a shadow

You can try to tie me down, but you will not break my heart again.

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