Is it feelings?

artist: tatah-chan


...untranslatable word that define us when the ones that make us smile are far!

...joy held until the ones we expect finally arrive and we can see them smile!

...melancholic memories that remain in our mind of other stories, other lifes!

Longing for something we do not know...an absense...a love story, a smile, a kiss, a someone...so much so that the absent becomes an eternal presence, in our mind, in our eyes, in our heart, until someone finally looks to what people call the "window of the soul" and says "come to me!" in an embrace that allows you to release all your love for the world!

2 comentários:

Miss K. disse...

cruz credo, mulher! mudaste outra vez o look do blog! é o terceiro em menos de uma semana...
ainda bem que eu não percebo de templates e html's, senão topava-se o meu estado de espírito a milhas! ;)

Daniela disse...

it's a felling... sometimes good sometimes bad... mexe connosco, com o nosso pensar, agir... mas é bom!